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We became official partner for DASSAULT SYSTÈMES company in area of development. Company DASSAULT SYSTÈMES is one of biggest software companies in world market.

Name Generator

Version 2.0 brought many significant enhancements and more additional modules. This version supports storing of extended information for every assigned name such as assign time, worstation name for which a name was assigned and more. Actual version contains also modul for Pro/ENGINEER, enabling names generation and attributes creation directly in Pro/ENGINEER environment.


SMARTEAM - Pro/ENGINEER Integration is komplex document managing solution disagned for Pro/ENGINEER and SMARTEAM users. Integration allows simple, effective and comfortable administration of Pro/ENGINEER documents in cooperation with all SMARTEAM tools. Customer can exploit enhanced tools such as "Design Editor", for copying or renaming whole CAD structure, and "Briefcase" designed for work on Pro/ENGINEER data regardless of SMARTEAM connection.


Pro/INTRALINK-SMARTEAM Migration. This application facilitates smooth switch from Pro/INTRALINK system to the next level of document management - into SMARTEAM system. ISM transfers data from Pro/INTRALINK database to SMARTEAM database including all relevant information. New database will contain all documents relationships, attributes and documents history.

Name Generator

Application offers solution for frequent problem - document names creation and administraton in company information system. This platform independent application is able to generate distinct document names for whole information system of a company. Each division of a company may have different name masks and configuration for numeric sets generation. Configuration is based on XML technology. Application includes also extern modules for selected CAD systems which once incorporated provide easy and direct way to create new data. Application is an independent and versatile product and is designed to be applicable for a variety of needs single company can have regarding document names creation.

ProE Tracer

Komplex tool designed for supervision and administration of Pro/ENGINEER documents. Its modularity allows a customer to use needed funcionality only with possibility of later extension. Main package contains ProE Tracer client program, which traces work in Pro/ENGINEER without user's knowledge. Information can be used for monitoring of Pro/ENGINEER employment efficiency, or evaluation of its real utilization in single departments. All information about documents creation and work in Pro/ENGINEER itself is automatically sent to the server. Additional modul - web client, allows the monitoring using the internet and as such permits to get up-to-date information about the company system status. All the information can be afterwards processed, sorted or integrated into ERP.

ProE JobServer

Library for printing and modifying automation of Pro/ENGINEER documents. Library includes insertion and modification of parameters, export of neutral formats, addition of watermarks into drawings and more usefull functions. One of many examples of use is restrictive printing in neutral format managed by manufacturing system, or automated data inspection before passing it into fabrication. Utilisation is variable and it is possible to modify it directly using API. Interface uses COM technology for Windows platform and Java technology for other operating systems.